Brian Quinn Soccer is a program designed to create an environment where kids fall in love with the game of soccer. Through numerous skills, fun oriented games and soccer challenges players will run, jump, play and learn the basics of the game that will help them develop as soccer players as they grow older.

Brian Quinn has been at the forefront of soccer in the United States over the last 24 years in a multitude of roles. He has been a professional player, a professional coach and has developed soccer programs for other coaches to develop skills within their teams. His love affair with the game is passed on to the staff at the Brian Quinn School Of Soccer which in turn transfers this 'love of the game' to each and every participant during their session.

Our unique Kicking Colleens program is the first of it's kind and provides the opportunity for Moms to work out and learn the skills of soccer and familiarize themselves with the game.

Keep on kicking

Brian Quinn Soccer